Since 2007, Strengthening Practice has worked with practitioners across a wide range of service areas and local authorities, offering a practice framework that encompasses the skills and knowledge that matter most to children and families. Situated in your workplace using coaching, action learning sets, seminars and workshops on core skills,  the team form relationships with practitioners to support them to make a difference to the lived lives of children.

Practice improvement in the social care and education sector is the principle focus of Strengthening Practice. We offer a practice framework that has as its bedrock relational practice methods.  Upon this we have layered the legislative and conceptual framework professionals require in order to carry out the practical daily activities within the context of their organisation. We enable them to offer authentic, and knowledgeable, relational interactions to the children, young people and families they support. We do this by providing practitioners with an opportunity to reflect on and strengthen their core skillset based on the overarching PCF and KSS frameworks, social work knowledge and skills statements, legislation and evidence-based practice – each topic building on the last.

Whilst seminars and workshops are important traditional training methods, our aim is to help build excellence within the workforce. We supplement the classroom learning with an additional tool kit comprising: case clinics; coaching sessions; action learning sets; learning diaries and action logs; and networking tutorials. All participants receive high quality, comprehensive handbooks and practice tools.

Strengthening Practice is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers. All trainers are registered social workers with the HCPC and have recent practice experience in the field. Three of our trainers - Jo Fox, Gerry Nosowska and Fareena Shaheed - are associates of Research in Practice (RiP). 

Under the Strengthening Practice framework we offer the following successful and well-received workforce development programmes: 

Strengthening Practice Programme

Strengthening Managers Programme

Strengthening Leadership Programme

Strengthening Relational Practice Programme

 These programmes are available in Children’s Social Care and Adult Social Care, Education and Health Care settings.   

“Such a valuable experience. The workbook will be very useful. Excellent trainer”
(Lincolnshire Strengthening Practice Assessment)

Strengthening Practice is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers