c) Coaching Session level three

Please note that the chapters necessary to complete the Sexual Abuse Assessment assignment will not be up loaded until the 21st of September 10.  I apologise for any difficulty this may cause.


Module 1 Coaching Session

Making Assessments Count for Children

The coaching sessions are designed to provide feedback and support for practitioners begining to use the tools introduced in the workshop sessions.  Each participant will be expected to present a ten minute session on the exercise they completed to the whole group.  The peer group will then give feedback on the findings and discuss the continued best use of the evidence based tool that was used.  These clinics will focus on individual practice and provide direct feedback on day to day working practices.  Participants should come prepared to analysise and scrutinise day to day work practices, including their own.


Between the workshop and your first coaching session, you need to complete one of the exercises outlined below.  These exercises are designed to fit in with your day to day work load.  If you find that they are not relevant to your day to day tasks please contact Jo Fox by email at jfox@childcentredpractice.co.uk and arrange to complete a task that is relevant to your day to day activities. 

If you do not complete the exercise before the coaching session it will be difficult for you to gain maximum benefit from the coaching.

The documents below support the completion of the exercises that will be discussed in the coaching sessions.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level four participants will be supported by Mary Milton, whom, with many years experience in the UK as a senior manager in a number of Local Authorities, brings critical thinking skills to strategic management quandries.  Can all level four candidates get in touch with Mary to send through a pen sketch of themselves.  Contact Mary at marysmilton@blueyonder.co.uk

Your first workshop will be on the 21st of October at 12.30 - 3.30pm

Please do not download all the materials under each section.  Select the exercise you want to complete and download the materials you require. All the materials will remain available on this site for the duration of the blended learning program.  Below are some materials which have been identified as useful during the coaching sessions.