Module 1 Workshop

Making Assessments Count for Children

The workshops follow on from the seminar and provide hands on  tools to support  evidence based practice.  Participants will work on case based scenarios, applying the different practice tools.  The work will be carried out in small groups with peer feedback and support.  The workshop session also provides the participants with the tools that they will then use in the workplace exercise.  The exercises must be completed prior to attendance at the coaching clinic. 

Level 1

This level is intended for newly qualified practitioners and will cover the assessment framework including its origin, the underpinning theoretical background and the meaning of each domain and dimension. It will look in detail at how to carry out a therapeutic assessment, concentrating on initial and core assessments. This workshop will involve a lot of practical examples and opportunities to explore each concept.

Please download the documents listed below for your workshop session.  Please bring these documents to your workshop session.

Level 2

Level Two: Three hours
This level is for the emerging practitioner who is beginning to use the framework confidentially and wants to add evidence based tools such as the scales and questionnaires, hypothesising and understanding risk and resilience within assessment. This workshop will involve a high level of group exercises and all participants must come prepared to contribute.

Please download the documents listed below and bring them to your workshop session.

Level 3

Level Three: Three hours
This level is for confident evidence based practitioners/front line managers who want to concentrate on latest research findings about what works in assessment and intervention, and what areas have been identified as most effective in understanding a child’s world. This will include the Attachment, Regulation and Competency model and also ways to gain insight into parental attachment behaviour and capacity to change. It will put the emphasis on supporting staff to think critically. This workshop will involve participants leading part of the session as a case clinic and all participants must come prepared to contribute at a high level.

Please download the documents below and bring them to your workshop session

Level 4

This level is for senior staff who wants to improve their service areas performance or support them in day to day practice. It will look at the latest research around relational based social work and involve examining practice examples from areas that are successfully implementing this approach. The workshop will involve understanding and identifying barriers to this type of practice and developing an action plan to support change to working practices where they have been identified.

Please print off and read the documents below and come ready to explore the ideas and recommendations in each document.

Below is a set of documents that can support evidence based practice.  These readings compliment the seminar, workshop and clinic sessions on assessment.