Module 4 Workshop

Communicating with Children, Adults and Carers

All workshops will include the following topic areas at different levels:

  •  Working in partnership
  • Understanding the child’s world
  • Using tools to support parents understanding of the met and unmet needs of the child
  • Working with resistance
  • Working with adults who have dangerous and abusive behaviours.
  • Motivational interviewing with parents
  • Managing challenging conversations

Level 1

This level is intended for newly qualified practitioners and will focus on using relational social work to build partnerships. It will look at communication styles of individuals and help people think a variety of strategies to communicate effectively. It will look at a number of different interviewing techniques that can support practitioners to be ‘respectfully sceptical’ and enquiring when gaining information. This workshop will require participants to work in small groups using live situations to explore these techniques.

Level 2

This level is for the emerging practitioner who is carrying out complex assessments with hard to engage families, or assessing adopters or foster carers, or working with asylum seeking children, or in other areas where there needs to be a high level of personal information given and scrutinised. It will focus on using a number of different tools and strategies to communicate effectively in difficult circumstances whilst building relationships that encourage positive outcomes. These workshops will use small group work and ‘real life’ examples to explore these techniques.

Level 3

This level is for confident evidence based practitioners/front line managers who to support their staff to improve their communication skills. It will concentrate on using reflective practice skills to re-visit practitioner interactions and draw out meaning and understand impact of communication on relationships. This workshop will involve participants leading part of the session as a case clinic and all participants must come prepared to contribute at a high level.