Lynda Maudlin

Lynda is a highly qualified, experienced social work professional now established as an independent social worker. Lynda currently delivers training, provides coaching and mentoring, and is a domain specialist for policy and procedures across a number of authorities. Lynda is also a member of the expert panel help desk for the College of Social Work. Lynda's experience in local authorities spans from front line practitioner, senior practitioner, team manager, area manager, county manager to safeguarding board manager.

Lynda has been a member of both Adult Safeguarding Board and the Multi Agency Public Protection Board and has vast experience in social work and partnership work includes completing assessments; chairing reviews and complex strategy meetings. Lynda has managed eight serious case reviews and was the co-ordinator for the Child Death Overview Panel.

Lynda's enthusiasm for the social work profession has continued to grow throughout her career, and she has a wealth of experience in quality assurance systems, responding to complaints, and complex allegations management. Lynda is committed to improving frontline practice for the benefit of vulnerable people both children and adults.