Module 5 workshop

Motivating People to Change

All workshops will include the following topic areas at different levels:

  • Understanding the models of change
  • Using motivational interviewing
  • Working with resistance
  • Using tools to measure motivation and capacity
  • Understanding the dynamics of change within organisations, groups and individuals
  • Working with families to bring about change

Level 1

This level is intended for newly qualified practitioners and will cover models of change, use of self in the change process, working with families to understand the need for change, and understanding sustainability in change behaviour. This workshop is interactive and will involve people practising change techniques.


Level 2

This level is for the emerging practitioner and will focus on motivational interviewing techniques to work with service users who are resistant to change. This course will involve small groups working together to practice the techniques of motivational interviewing.

Level 3

This level is front line managers who want to support their staff to manage change within the workplace positively. It will look at the principles of managing change within groups and with individuals. It will look at use of self and leadership styles. This workshop will involve participants using reflective practice and all participants must come prepared to contribute at a high level.