Module 7 Workshop

Performance Management and Quality Assurance

All workshops will include the following topic areas at different levels:

  • Understanding the models of outcome measurement
  • Using the models in Children’s Services
  • Using the information from outcomes to improve services
  • Applying the information to strategic commissioning
  • Communicating outcomes to staff and service users effectively
  • Using accountability frameworks to make a difference for children
  • Understanding performance indicators and their meaning for children
  • Supporting practitioners to improve outcomes for children

Level 3

This level is front line managers who provide performance management information and then use it to improve team performance, and communicate on-going organisational objectives. It will involve examining the purpose and contribution of each team and then linking the team tasks to the outcomes for the child. Identifying ways to collect and communicate significant information.

Level 4

This level is for senior staff who decide on the performance management agenda and identify the strategies for collecting information and are responsible for the reporting system to central government. It will consider the latest research around change management and involve examining practice examples from areas that are successfully using management information to drive performance and improve service delivery including areas outside children’s social care. The workshop will involve understanding and identifying barriers to resilience within organisations and how to create a culture that values performance management intelligence and acts upon it.