Module 3 Coaching Session

Planning for Brighter Futures

Each level will also have a coaching session in a small group that will involve completing a task agreed at the workshop. This task will be workplace related and form the basis of the coaching session. Each participant will need to be involved in presenting the outcome of their task and leading a learning based discussion around the outcomes within a small group.

Level 1

Please ensure that you have completed the exercise prior to attending the workshop.  

Level 2

Please download the exercise from session one, Use the risk and resilience matrix to  a) review and improve an existing plan or to create a new plan for a child.  

Level 3


Use the managers audit tool from the level three workshop to look at planning in your service.  Develop a six month plan to improve planning in your service.  Make sure the plan is SMART. Come to the workshop prepared to discuss putting this plan into action.

Senior practitioners

Using a live case, develop a plan that addresses the repair of the damage a child has sustained as a result of their experiences.  Detail the approaches required to restore the child's resilience/  Do not concentrate on services but on actions and behaviours of the adults involved with the child. 

Come to the workshop prepared to discuss the underpinning assessment and theory that led to the identification of the main theraputic issues for the child.  Please bring copies of your plan plus a small write up of the case study for other group members.

Level 4


Below is a tool kit that is used by Youth Justice for screening mental health in adolescence.  Please use this tool on a case where mental health is a concern and develop a care plan for the young person as a result. 

Come to coaching sessions prepared to discuss the tool, its effectiveness and how it contributed to the care planning process.