Module 2 Coaching Session

Child Centred Recording

Coaching Session: Two hours.

Each level will also have a coaching session in a small group that will involve completing a task agreed at the workshop. This task will be workplace related and form the basis of the coaching session. Each participant will need to be involved in presenting the outcome of their task and leading a learning based discussion around the outcomes within a small group.

Download materials to participate in your coaching session as soon as possible after the workshop to enable to complete the exercise and contribute  at the coaching session.

It is important that you support your peers learning and efforts by attending the clinics prepared to share your own work and reflect on your collegues.

Level 1

Below are the exercises that you are required to carry out for the coaching session and a number of resources that can support you in this task.  Please do not print the articles off unless you wish to use them.

You must complete one of the exercises prior to attending the coaching workshop

Level 2 coaching exercises

Below are three exercises.  Chose one exercise to complete PRIOR to attending the coaching session.  It is crucial that you are able to do this work to contribute effectively to the coaching session.   Please come prepared to leave a copy of your recording with the facilitator at the end of the coaching session.

Level 3 coaching exercises

Please read the the materials below and complete the questionnaire - Role of research in assessing  risk after you have considered the materials provided.

Bring the completed questionnaire to the Coaching session.