Sarah Pritchard

Sarah has been working with, and supporting children and young people, for over 15 years. She started her journey delivering enterprise education in mainstream and alternative schools, moving to a young carers project then working as a mental health support worker before qualifying as a social worker. Sarah has practised as a statutory social worker in the fields of child protection, looked after and leaving care. Sarah advocates for creative and “out of the box” interventions and care planning, bringing energy, enthusiasm and hope to practitioners and the individuals they support.

During her employment at a Local Authority, Sarah was engaged in developing new team structures, had an integral part in implementing Integrated Children’s Systems and was proactive in practice improvement.

Sarah is passionate about her role as a practice educator, firmly believing in the importance of shaping relational social workers who are committed to the endless possibilities that social work and change can bring for individuals and society alike. She has a keen interest in working towards embedding needs-led, good quality, evidence-based practice, with a particular focus on closing the gap of theory into practice.

Within her training capacity, Sarah has showcased best practice, innovative case work within a multi-agency learning setting and themed conferences. She has also developed and delivered training courses to universal services with the aim of raising awareness and accountability of the professional relationship in protecting and supporting children and young people.

As a practitioner Sarah has a thoughtful and focused approach to working with children, young people and their families. She is committed to advocating for children throughout their safeguarding and cared for journey, ensuring they are recognised and embraced for their uniqueness by all around them.