Simple solutions that make it easier

At Child Centred Practice we can help you harness the benefits of information technology as we create products that create efficiencies in everyday practice. Our aim is to use technology to help you achieve excellence.

Whether it is ICS implementation, developing online tools and guides or help with commissioning IT projects, we are here to help. Child Centred Practice offers a unique combination of social work practice and IT knowledge.  Together, the team can offer an insight into the social care organisation coupled with expert knowledge of IT commissioning and project management.

We can offer you assistance with:

  • Designing architectural roadmaps for IT development for your social care organisation
  • Developing specifications for IT infrastructure, hardware and software
  • IT project management including running projects, mentoring and supporting staff
  • Website development
  • Creation of online tools and practice manuals

 Online Practice Manual  

Practice Manual Website

Leading the way 

Strengthening Practice Practice recognises that the multifaceted task of children’s social work needs a fully-integrated resource manual that links comprehensive current policy, process and practice in a convenient online guide linked directly to daily activity in the workplace.

 Our solution is the online Practice Manual developed in consultation with your agency, which is updated frequently as we monitor the rapidly changing external environment of policy and guidelines and help you to apply them in the workplace. 

Supported by the blended learning, an optional program provided by Child Centred Practice, your staff will develop a comprehensive set of core skills backed by supportive references online.

Our manual helps ease the complexity of theory with the reality of daily work demands in a busy agency and assists staff to practice due diligence, by providing work processes that comply with external policy guidelines while merging with your in-house systems. We provide access to resources and support systems at the click of a button. Our manual helps build the skills of front line practitioners on-the-job.

The manual assists senior management to achieve a high level of accountability by empowering front-line practitioners with knowledge and tools that are up-to-date.Making it easy   

We can provide guidance specific to your agency, factoring in your unique services and decision making processes. Using any internet software browser you will be able to access the manual with a secure login. You can open it from your intranet, providing a seamless service that helps to integrate the manual as part of corporate values and shared agency tools. 

Child Centred Practice uses a content management system LightCMS to deliver the manual. This is a standards-based HTML and CSS content management system and is a hosted service.

Online Practice 

  • Provides access to the most up-to-date policy information in times of rapid change  
  • Keeps the legislative and guidance framework in one central point that can be accessed by multiple users  
  • Provides a singular entry point for on-the job problem solving   
  • Develops best practice across authorities in the UK  
  • Embeds best practice as part of daily business operations  
  • Has the potential for e-learning modules as part of the package  
  • Gives ongoing access to valuable information from the latest professional training by Strengthening Practice 

Our clients

Hartlepool Borough Council

Hartlepool Children's Service's Practice Manual


“this innovative and comprehensive tool [...] very much achieves our original vision of bringing together procedures, practice guidance, quality standards and ICS guides into one easily accessible resource […] the final product far exceeds our expectations.”

Hartlepool Borough Council on their online Children's Services Practice Manual

Quality service

Alan McNamara, a respected social worker and project manager for many IT practice projects across local authorities, is working with Child Centred Practice to ensure that the content of the practice manual is robust, useful and accessible.  Alan, who has worked with central government drafting policy papers, will be responsible for ensuring that the current legislation and practice are reflected in the manuals.