Strengthening Practice are proud to be able to offer two successful and well received programmes.

Training is at the core of our business. Strengthening Practice helps practitioners deliver difference for children, young people and their families.  We do this by providing practitioners with an opportunity to reflect on and strengthen their core skills set based on the Social Work competency framework, legislation  and evidence based practice – each topic building on the last.  

Strengthening Practice

Strengthening Managers

“Best course I have been on for years. Great materials, tasks verbal information, questionnaires, etc. Inspirational, passionate facilitators. Looking forward to next sessions. Safe environment to speak. Time to rethink my role and become enthusiastic again. The time was very useful in exploring my current practice and allowed reflection around areas to improve and strategies for doing so. The prioritisation and planning was particularly useful for a new manager as was the exercise about what is in my control, what I can influence and what is out of my control.”  

TAKEN FROM: Feedback from South Tyneside managers cohort 2014


Child Centred Practice are members of the UK Register of Learning Providers  UKPRN: 10030026